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    Senate Student Credit: College for Enlightenization or Qualifications?

    According to Huffington Post, Democrats have been given protection for students that rates will never rise above 8.25 percent for students. \”The students will not pay the rates above 9.5 percent and the 10.5 percent rate for parents.\”These are the highest loans, and in the near future, students will pay 3.85%, graduate-5.4% and parents-6.8%, small but visible growth. Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, described the government as \”moral\”, suggesting that a national student loan of $1.2 trillion was devout by Americans, while the Obama administration and the Ministry of Education profited Warren said, \” Instead of helping our students, the government benefits from student loans. It’s not right. It’s not right. It’s inappropriate. The government should not profit from our students. \” Which is why I ask the question: Is the college for enlightenment or skill? My professors have long dreamed of the days of the University of Yolden: \” It wasn’t an estimate at the time. You would have chosen a mentor, read books and discussed them, and when you and your mentor decided that you had learned enough, you would go to the next, \” they said. My professors, and myself, were more interested in learning to think critically about the world around us, which in itself is mastery, but not appreciable. Those who cannot write in the context of history, events and problems cannot fully understand them and thus cannot reconcile them. I went to college to learn to think with the hope that it would help me to make a path that could lead to work … There are many people who will neglect such a rationalization because it is perceived as irresponsible. I would say that fiscal irresponsibility lies at the fault of private institutions and governments that turn colleges into business sectors rather than in places where people of different classes, colors and credo gain access to the same opportunities ..