An Incarcerated Author.

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Senate Student Credit: College for Enlightenization or Qualifications?

Education is a right, not a privilege, but the United States has done everything possible to make it exclusive for those who can afford it. However, if we relate to the world as we want, a place where we are allowed to follow our passions and profit from them, because they are valued, or how does this happen, place increasingly competitive with far fewer jobs?

I can’t answer that with any certainty. What I can say is money.Writing, communication and social theory, the things that I’ve studied, are not quite understood as hard skills, so I found ways to add my skills to the things I loved. I learned Photoshop, basic CSS, WordPress-Things that would give me an advantage over competitors because they were things that the editors had to use every day. I worked on campus and had five internships during college so that I would have a \”real world\” experience and office skills …

I think that, as I justified my choice for enlightenment and passion, it was very hard to work in search of environments where I could practice these things while I was in the hands of experience. No matter what you study in college, you miss the fact that you decided not to study. If I could go back to college and find out a million different things and have a million different jobs throughout my life.

If you can translate your passion into a difficult mastery, it is likely to be the best way. Art = Graphic design. Record = Publications. Science = Research/Pharmacists/doctors. However, I have been doing a lot of experience where I could spend time with someone much older and much wiser and just sit down and talk about what it means, instead of constantly trying to figure out how I can \”sell\” what I do …

So why did you go to college? Enlightenment? Practical skills? Or both?

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